Galerie der Moderne

Stefan Vogdt founded Galerie der Moderne in Munich in 1977. Located in the city’s Schwabing district, the gallery’s collection ranges from design and architecture to photography and contemporary art.

Galerie der Moderne’s focus has steadily grown over the years. Initially, it dealt primarily with French Art Nouveau furniture, sculpture, glass, and posters. During the 1980s, the collection expanded to include historically important art and design objects from the likes of René Lalique, Jean Elisée Puiforcat, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, and Fernand Léger. At the same time, the gallery also began incorporating photography by artists such as Wang Wusheng, Yamamoto Masao, and Pentti Sammallahti, as well as, increasingly, paintings. During the 1990s, the collection further developed to incorporate architectural photography, including works by architect-photographer Klaus Kinold. Beginning in 2000, in cooperation with the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Galerie der Moderne once again expanded its focus to include works by exciting younger artists. The gallery’s clients include private collectors and prestigious museums.